Albert Joy Biswas

Albert Joy, born in Bangladesh, is an extremely talented artist and illustrator at a very young age of 18 years only. At a very young age of 8 he got the opportunity to live in Japan where he honed his skills at the art club of the school. At the age of 12 years, he got the opportunity to be a student of Dino Tomic while he was in New York. After his return to Bangladesh, he has been active and devoting himself to producing top quality art.

Different Genres of Anime

Anime world is a vast land full of different types and flavors of anime. Each different type has distinct features and qualities and is different from the other. There are tons of people out there looking for new anime. However, because of lack of knowledge of genre they are not sure themselves what they actually seek. So Senpai has decided to briefly discuss about different genres of anime with the hopes of helping people understand what each anime genre represents and the type of anime most suitable for them.